Greetings, Contractors!

Shelby County Department of Housing



This meeting will cover:

  • Our Mission
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Write-Up Overview
  • Navigating Neighborly
  • Effective Communication
  • Q&A

Our Mission

Mission Statement

“The Shelby County Housing Rehabilitation Program is established for the purpose of improving housing conditions for low and moderate-income families. The housing rehabilitation program aids in the preservation of neighborhoods in Shelby County by correcting health and safety hazards and code violations. These programs are available throughout the areas which are part of Shelby County’s Urban County Consortium and within City of Memphis limits with grant or alternative funding. The improvements made under this program result in neighborhood revitalization and housing stabilization.”

Mission Statement Overview

The purpose of the Shelby County Department of Housing’s home rehabilitation program is to:

  • Improve housing conditions for:
    • Low & moderate-income homeowners
    • Residents of Memphis & Shelby County
  • Correct health & safety hazards and code violations
  • Neighborhood revitalization and housing stabilization

Policies and Procedures

Required Documents

  • All documents must be submitted & not-expired by the time bids are due.
  • Documents:
    • SAM Unique Entity ID
    • Shelby County Business License
    • TN Contractor’s License
    • EOC or LOSB Number (either/or)
    • Certificate of Insurance
    • EPA RRP Lead Firm Certificate
    • TDEC Lead Firm Certificate (Lead projects only)
  • Visit for more guidance & example documents.

Certificate of Insurance

Policy Requirements:

  • Comprehensive General Insurance: $1,000,000 minimum per occurrence Commercial General Liability

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance: $500,000 minimum

  • Automobile Liability: $1,000,000 minimum on all owned, hired and non-owned autos

Certificate Holder

Shelby County Attorney’s Office
Contract’s Administration
160 N Main Street, Ste. 950
Memphis, TN 38103

Description of Operations

“Shelby County Government, its elected officials, appointees, and employees will be named as additional insured.”


  • Bids are awarded to the lowest bidder.
    • Use accurate & fair pricing.
  • Project spending caps:
    • $36,000 per project
    • 125% over the in-house estimate
  • Maximum of 5 active rehab projects at once.
  • Affiliated companies cannot bid against each other.
  • NEW: Contractors are strongly encouraged to inspect homes before bidding.
    • Look for an open house date posted on Neighborly

Expected Work

  • Homes must be brought up to code compliance.
  • All items in the write-up must be completed
  • Work should be completed within specified time frame
  • Weekly inspections by SCDH staff
  • Final inspection will determine if all work is complete
    • Present all warranties to the homeowner
    • Five-year useful life & warranty on all major systems


  • 50% payment upon 75% completion of the work.
  • Payments are issue after receiving:
    • Invoice requesting payment from the contractor to the SCDH.
    • If subcontractors performed permitted work:
    • Notice of Completion filed with the Register of Deeds
  • Homeowners are surveyed after completion of work

Upload Documents

  • Click “Contractor Information” at the top
  • Upload the file
  • Enter the expiration date
  • Dates will turn red if they are expired

Add Users

View Bids

  • Available Opportunities shows all available bids that have not been viewed.
  • Open Bids shows all bids that have already been opened.
  • Previous Bids shows closed bids.
  • Click the button to the right of each bid to open and view it.



General Requirements


  • Watch out for item quantities!

  • “Estimated Qty” is not an estimate

  • Quantity box: Does not have to be filled

  • Total box: Enter the total cost for all quantities

  • Double check that your pricing is accurate!

Don’t Forget to Submit!

Our Website

Website Features

  • Website Link:
  • See active & previous bids
  • View required documents & help for getting each doc
  • Links to Neighborly
  • Copy of this slideshow

Effective Communication


Examples of communication styles:

  • Active Listening
  • Verbal Communication
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Written Communication